We rely strongly on the partnership between parents and the school to provide the optimum learning environment for children. Lindfield East Public School is committed to encouraging the interchange of ideas and developing mutual expectations between the school and the community.

Parents provide invaluable assistance throughout the school, whether it be reading in classrooms, covering books, canteen help, assistance on Sports Carnival Days or with other special events, or participating in the P&C and its multitude of sub-committees.

Children love to see their parents involved in their school and the school certainly needs the support of parents.

Many teachers, particularly in the younger years, create rosters for parents to help in the classroom.

There are also numerous ways parents can become involved throughout the school and these are always mentioned in The Lyrebird.

The P&C appoint a Parent Liaison Officer each year to assist new parents settling into the school. Their contact details are in the School Telephone Directory.

The P&C has two main objectives:

  1. To promote communication, understanding and cooperation between the teachers, parents of the school.
  2. The raising of funds which are then donated to the school for facilities that may not otherwise be provided at the school.

The P&C Association meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 7.45 pm.

Meetings provide a forum for discussion of matters relating to initiatives and activities of the P&C and its sub-committees and matters of educational interest to the parent body as a whole.

The P&C Association and parents of students at Lindfield East Public School play an extremely active and valued role in all aspects of the school.

The P&C Association is the controlling body for a number of sub-committees which operates within the school – Parent Auxiliary, Canteen, Uniform Shop, Safety House, Tennis Court Hire, Creative Workshop, and Band.

LEPS P&C website click here.